Enlit 2023

Enlit 2023

December 1, 2023 Uncategorized 0

Smart technologies, grids, transmission and distribution. A network utilizing novel digital technologies, sensors and software for improved supply and demand with minimized costs and maintained stability and reliability. These and many more exciting topics are currently being showcased and discussed at Enlit Europe 2023 with a dedicated EU Projects Zone and an overall Enlit aim to #Connect industries, #Inspire action and help Europe #Evolve into a digitalised system.

The development and integration of technology solutions remain at the heart of SoFiN with key objective an Adaptive, Modular and Highly integrated photonic multi-sensing platform and the exploitation of new types of digital signal processing and cloud connection approaches. SoFiN is focused on three different case studies including the supervision of a telecommunication infrastructure, a water supply network and a powerline grid.

CyRIC colleagues attended the event to spread the word; SoFiN is here and pleased to meet, engage and share news from the project brought forward by an amazing Consortium working relentlessly towards a new innovative monitoring system for some of the most critical infrastructures that matter to us all.

A look from inside Enlit 2023 where SoFiN is featured on the EU Projects directory showcased at the event while colleagues from CyRIC communicate project news to established giants within the industry and further exchange updates with fellow EU Projects. An event getting stakeholders united under the global Enlit roof as a convergence of industry to consumers, investors to entrepreneurs, and scientists. A fantastic opportunity for so many relevant experts to hear more about the work of SoFiN Consortium towards the targeted project outcomes which include in brief, a new way to monitor critical infrastructures via fiber optic sensors while aiming for increased efficiency and lower processing, enhanced sensing, early-stage detections and advanced data monitoring.

Overall a great opportunity to meet many new SoFiN friends.

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